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Submitted by:
Name: nj

From: slave

I guess workplaces everywhere in the world shares these problems...human problems..: most people at work sucks, not your friends, don't help anyone, look our for the one and only...yourself. i actually don't mind my customers, its just all the red tape and crap in the backend of the operation...not enough stock, holding the stock..can't ship out this after this time....can't accept credit card without this and that...fuck how can I buy shit on amazon with 1 click and it takes like 4 hours to process payment from here?

Submitted by:
Name: Kris

From: Canada

Job: Slave

You clearly have your favorites and it shows so much. They can what they want and fake injuries to stay home you still say nothing. They just have to say their stupid kid has something and they can leave? So i am penalized for not having kids. Shitface. All my team are back stabbing bitches. I hate them so much. So so much.
I just have accepted 4 days a week. Less money but fuck that it's one less day a week to see your fucking faces. I will sleep till noon every friday NOT thinking of you all stuck in that shitty office with a shittier boss.

Submitted by:
Name: Maximus

From: Buckinghamshire

Job: Advisor

You fucking cretin, I don't have to do your job for you because you're too fucking lazy to do it yourself, How you even became a manger only fucking Satan knows. You throw around your power because it's probably the only thing in your life that makes you feel important, you aren't changing the world, you're stuck in a dead-end job for which the only reason your staff stay is because the pay isn't that bad, If I were to quit it would be because of you, not the job. Fucking Cunt.

Submitted by:
Name: John Doe

I needed that job to make a change in my life. Go fuck yourself.

Submitted by:
Name: F

From: U

Job: Mother F'er

You're a fucking idiot! It is NOT my responsibility to do your job. You can take your condescending attitude and shove it up your ass, you stupid piece of shit.

Submitted by:
Name: belen

From: bevian

Job: loversFUCKshit

why are you treating me that way ??? whats you're problem with me I DONT GIVE A SHIT

fuck you lesbian.

Submitted by:
Name: Fed up

From: With

Job: Your Shit

You do not just suck at your job, you suck at life. Your ADULT children are assholes and can't take care of their own shit. They take after their cunt of a mother. I am so sick of doing your job. You know nothing about the process and even admit that to me. Then you feel disrespected when I try to help you. Go fuck yourself. You are an unprofessional, fat, ugly, troll and I hope you lose your fucking job. No one wants you there, you stupid twat.

Submitted by:
Name: sushil

From: pune

Job: QA

Cybridge India Pune is a fake company, they tell u to work on excel sheets. they hire you as quality analyst and you do everything else other than testing. No work exposure. Please don't join this fake company, they will not give you offer letter nor they will give you salary. Waste people and that kapil bhukar asshole.

Submitted by:
Name: Slave

From: Slavatorium

Job: Abused Slave

Talk about evil fuckers. Lets write up our underling for something that was really the bosses fault. Don't make a mistake, a write up is around the corner. Talk about demoralizing the one good employee they have. Talk about a set up- the same day getting chewed out for nonsense, being told you have to train so in so on your position- gee you think i'm being set up to be fired. what a joke. I'm so disgusted with this dump i can't even say.

Submitted by:
Name: utah

From: local

Job: store

FUCKING RETARD! if you are not going to manage the store, why be one?

Submitted by:
Name: hard times

From: in

Job: west virginia

Here in wv they like to play a little game on the regular people.They try to see if they can poison them and harass them and even try to extort them.They go around hollering got em or we got it and stupid stuff.You wouldn't think in a backwoods place like this cliques are everything.They fool with your vehichles,your well being and all sorts of stuff.Its really amazing how so called well to do people can end up being a bunch of heathens.They are really into to homosexuality,there is probably alot of lonely women here because all the guys are humping each other.Watch your food and drinks if you happen to pass through here.

Submitted by:
Name: x

From: x

Job: x

I understand. I really do. You're uneducated. You made an idiot choice when you were 19 and stuck with it and now, a lifetime later, you resent working for educated women in particular. It's one thing to take attitude from men, but working for women who were smarter than you are and who made better choices than you did really chaps your ass. You're insecure and inarticulate. You're desperately afraid that you're going to reach retirement age without a man. The only thing you really have going for you is a strong work ethic. You found a job in which longevity and FOLLOWING THE RULES gives you all the power there is to be found; you don't have a creative outlet, you don't have the respect of your co-workers, you don't have any work friends, you NEVER challenge yourself to see if you might devise means and methods to improve performance of the job. You cling to your routine like it's a life preserver. In the final analysis, you've got your 30 years and your sick fucking hyper-competitive attitude that is so crippling to you, you don't care HOW unfair you are to anyone else. Least of all ME, because I came in six years ago with every bit of the skill and experience you have and that scares you. Which means I've got YOU as my cross to bear because you don't have the honesty to ask yourself why you're so easily threatened and why it has to be a competition. And you make me sick. I can't stand you. The best I can ever do is feel contempt and pity. So here we are! Side by side in our godawful little cubicles. Shall we sing a happy song about how nice it is to have a job in these troubling times, you miserable, stupid cunt?

Submitted by:
Name: Extremely Underpaid

From: The Government Town

Job: A Stressed Worker

I cannot believe that the government trusts this FUCKING company with millions of dollars, only to be lied to and ripped off. A douche bag is on the phone doing real estate deals while charging to the government. On top of that, I am one of the best workers and I am FUCKING UNDER PAID by 26k yes… you read this shit right. I wish there was a way I could destroy this company and pull back the curtain on their corruption.

Submitted by:
Name: jaymadatboss

From: Nigeria

Job: corporate legal counsel

My boss is an idiot. most times, she acts like she's on the verge of an emotional breakdown. always on edge, always looking for a fight, always giving snide and rude comments. Makes my work hectic because i do ALL the work in the department and she just reviews all I do. Wont pick her calls when she's away. wont take responsibility for lapses she causes and would blame you for her failure to review a document you submitted. She's a joke. Full of her self. Heard she's loyalty. who cares? are you loyalty of my life? i plan to keep my cool for now but note every impropriety she's ever said or done. if i v to leave d company cos of her, i ll let every senior person i can talk to know wat she's done n said to me. She's a bully n a sadist

Submitted by:
Name: Job

From: Descriptions are codes

Job: that your job is going south

So my boss has gone to the 3 lowest paid employees and asked up to give in detail-how to do our job. Are you kidding me?? You know I completely understand you are going to cut some jobs. You realize you work those case managers to death? Life isn't suppose to be like that. You're even worked to death. Fucking A. I am paying off my debt and almost go ahead and fire me. I don't give a shit. At least I see the writing on the wall, and will start looking. My advice to people reading this: ANYTIME your boss tells you to write out your job, start looking for a new one. Also, make sure to leave out very important details in the job description so everything gets screwed up LOL. I'm not going to make your life easier boss, I'm going to fuck it up before you kick me out.

Submitted by:
Name: fucking manbabies

From: cryin like bitches

Job: gettin dry corned

These fuckin manbabies at the gig be steady cryin like they lil bitches gettin they manhymans steamrolled by a giant dry dong. Poor little pusscakes motherfuckers. Half of your day is spent hiding. Come on man, do you really think I don't know the game? I heard all the excuses, heard all the why nots. Heres the deal. You get paid to work, not stand around talkin. If you wanna talk all fuckin day, fuck off outta here.

Submitted by:
Name: Yellow stone volcano

From: please erupt!!!!!!

I so hope the fucking Yellowstone Super volcano erupts tonight so I don't have to go to my shit hole insult of a job tomorrow.

Submitted by:
Name: S

From: F

Job: W!

John. If you accept my position after you know what they did to me I hope you die! & I thought that you were a better man than that!!!

Submitted by:
Name: Dick

From: Head

Job: Supervisor

rappers and filmmakers are such idiots, and I get stuck putting them on TV. I hate my job.

Submitted by:
Name: Hate

From: This

Job: Shit

Nooooooooooooooo! Workrant please don't go! You're the only thing tjay keeps me from going all Hunger Games on my co-workers asses! If it's a money issue I'm sure that people would be willing to donate to keep the site open. Please Workrant, we need you! P.S. My day at work was SHIT as usual!!

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